boomsim is a boomerang flight simulation program using the equations of motion by Felix Hess 'Boomerangs, Aerodynamics and Motion' (1975). You can choose many settings yourself. The program is the successor of wxBumms.
With 'boomerang_aerodynamics' you will be able to design a virtual boomerang and calculate orces and torques on it. It will use xfoil to do this.



Mainly boomsim_motion has been improved. An initial "configure" environment is available (for *nix). The GUI has been translated to German and English. Look at the "CHANGELOG" file for further information. Download Windows binaries and source on the download page.


boomsim_motion has been improved significantly. The OpenGL window can be compiled using GLX, GLUT or native win32. Of course, many bugs have been fixed. The win32 executables are compiled on VisualC++ 6.0. Much work has been done on boomsim_aerodynamics, but it's still unusable. For further information, please refere to the file "CHANGELOG". Download boomsim here.


Many improvements have been made. One of them is the Win32 compatibility. You can download the latest source and binaries from the Download Area.


Importing a 3d model seems to be too difficult, a new boomerang file format needs to be developed. In the meantime a preview release of the "boomsim_motion" part, that surpasses wxBumms by many new features. Unfortunately the program is totally undocumented and can only be compiled for Linux mit QT3 + GLUT. Anyway, porting it to windows shoudn't be too difficult.


At the moment, I'm working on a completely new boomerang simulation software. Features:
I've written some 5000 lines already, and I hope, I will be able to publish an alpha release during the next weeks. Please check back later. Until then you can download the old program.