Boomerang Downloads

boomsim download

The newest Windows executables (most users will need them):
The newest version of the source code (compiles on Windows (Win32-OpenGL and GLUT) and Linux (GLUT and GLX/X11):

In order to compile boomsim_motion on win32 with mouse wheel support on GLUT, here's a binary package + patch for VisualC++ 6.0 and Mingw (gcc 3.4.2):

wxBumms download

not developed any further

Veysi Erkcan Özcan updated wxBumms to newer OS, including Mac OSX (however, not fully operational)
Go to Veysi Erkcan Özcan's Website for download

The newest win32 binaries (most users will need them):
MD5: 1d8bc6c1503a45b7e3f00deeb043f56b
Switching to english language is possible by using 'Fenster - Sprache wählen - English'.
Unpack using WinRAR.

The newest version of the source code:
MD5: 169f0bf4b3f1ae08ba7cd5032865508a
Compile with wxMSW (windows) or wxGTK (linux).
Linux users use 'make -f Makefile.unx'. You'll need gcc, make, opengl-devel and wxgtk-devel packages installed.
Don't use 'make install' (it won't work).

My Facharbeit:
"Der Bumerang - Physikalische Grundlagen, Beobachtungen am selbstgebauten Modell" (ca. 4,3 MB)